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Shandong Hongda Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in 1983, is a diversified large enterprise group integrating construction machinery manufacturing industry, food processing industry, construction real estate industry, catering service industry and polyurethane new thermal insulation materials. It has 16 s...


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Address:26th Longmen east Road, Laiyang City,Shandong Province, China

Shandong Hongda Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd., founded in 1984, is a national large industrial business conglomerate and a key enterprise in the national construction machinery industry, sitting in Laiyang in the beautiful Shandong Peninsula. It covers an area of more than 800,000 square meters and a building area of 460,000 square meters, and has a staff of 3,800 people and total assets of RMB1.88 billion.
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